My office is at Yankee stadium

Hi. Amanda's the name and baseball's the game. Not that I play baseball. I'm just a really big Yankees fan. Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira are my favorite players, but I love the rest of them just as much. Don't worry, I don't do rivalries. I'm also a NY Giants and Steelers fan. I love comedy and satire, which would also explain my love for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I'm a Potterhead that got sorted into Ravenclaw and I love The Voice and the Avengers. I'm also a Whovian who loves the 10th Doctor to bits and pieces. I love slash pairings (which is something I'll post on a frequent basis). Some of my favorite OTP's are Blake/Adam, Jon/Stephen, Steve/Tony, Watson/Holmes, Dean/Sam, Cartman/Kyle and loads of others too long to name. Anyway, thanks for tagging along and enjoy the ride!
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